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Tuesday, 05. December 197819.00 o' clock
Neustadt ⁄ (Exact place unknown)

Concert in Neustadt
German, Suisse, France and Luxembourg tour 1978

Willi Boskovsky conductor

Johann Strauss II : Wine, Women and Song / Waltz op. 333
Johann Strauss II : Anna Polka op. 117
Josef Strauss : In a Flash / Quick polka op. 230
Josef Strauss : Village Swallows from Austria / Waltz op. 164
Johann Strauss II : Persian March op. 289
Franz von Suppè : Fatinitza March
Break Johann Strauss II : Overture to the operetta "The Gypsy Baron"
Carl Michael Ziehrer : Hereinspaziert / Waltz op. 518
Josef Strauss : The Chattering Woman (Polka mazurka) op. 144
Johann Strauss II : Bandits Galop / Polka schnell op. 378
Johann Strauss II : Artist’s Life / Waltz op. 316
Johann Strauss II : Champagne Polka op. 211
Franz Lehár : Gold and Silver / Waltz op. 79
Encore Johann Strauss II : The Blue Danube / Waltz op. 314
Johann Strauss I : Radetzky-March op. 228

This tour through Germany, Suisse and Luxembourg lead the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra among other places to Mühlhausen, where they should perform in a multi-functional hall, which has also been use for ice-skating. When Willi Boskovsky recognized this, he refused to conduct. Only the manager could convince him to change his mind, but Boskovsky insisted on wearing a fur coat. As expected, the multi-functional hall got transformed into a heated concert hall very fast, but Boskovsky still wanted to wear the coat. So it became one of the hottest concerts for the conductor.

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Neustadt ⁄ (Exact place unknown)